The 100th anniversary of the sinking of the titanic came to pass in 2012. The memorial took place in Washington although the ship did no sink in the United States. There is a commemorative statue at the Southwest Waterfront which was put-up to remember this event.

mtsThe statue stood at the same spot where the Kennedy Center is since 1930 until its relocation in 1966. It is a memorial of those who lost their lives during the tragedy, men and women alike. In addition, it was a tribute by a group of women who especially wanted to remember the effort the men put to save women and children during the sinking.

The number who lost their lives in the Titanic incident is 1,517; and these are the number of lights that were lit at the memorial. You will further find images of the victims and the ship at the site.

The anniversary took place in April 14, 2012, and there was notable music from the times when the ship went under. The occasion began at 7 p.m. and complemented the annual routine by the Men’s Titanic Society which has existed for 38 years. The society assembles at the waterfront to celebrate those who sacrificed so that others can live.

The location of the memorial will continue to stand even when other development projects occur around the area. In addition, the Hoffman-Madison Waterfront squad maintains the area and has done improvements there.

As everything linked with Titanic, the Memorial attracts the people, especially the romantic ones. A lot of newly married couples want to make photos there. But there are others who would prefer a better wedding gift idea, because they don’t feel this as appropriate one.

memoryA notable commemoration in 2012 involved a team of 20 men who assembled at the statue. They were neatly dressed in tuxedoes. There was also a crowd who joined the event. The men in tuxedos gave toasts to celebrate the honourable men who died about a century ago while the crowd was there to cheer-on the toasts.

Although there are other ceremonies in New York, Northern Ireland and Belfast, the one at Women’s Titanic Memorial remains distinctive. It has been since the 20th century and originates from distinguished women of earlier in the last century.

The Titanic sank in the North Atlantic more than 100 years ago, and the memorial has been a ritual for many years, and attracts prominent men. The sad thing is that most Americans are unfamiliar with this anniversary.