10 Little-Known Facts About the Titanic

  1. titanic disasterThe Titanic was not really a ship at all from an engineering standpoint, but a gigantic, seagoing zeppelin.
  2. There were only six toilets on the Titanic. In those days, most passengers and crew members still observed the age-old maritime tradition of going over the side.
  3. The Titanic burned around 600 tonnes of coal a day, almost 100 tonnes of ash were ejected into the sea each day.
  4. There are over 143,619 books written about the ship since 1912. But the most fascinating, written entirely in Morse code,  is Howard Kepler’s “How I Survived the Titanic Disaster By Being Born 22 Years After It Sank.”
  5. Facilities on board included a Turkish bath, pool, gym, a squash court and a kennel for first class dogs.
  6. The Titanic’s interiors were loosely inspired by those at the Ritz hotel in London.
  7. Of the 885 crew on board, just 23 were female.
  8. Two of the nine dogs on board were rescued –  a Pekinese and a Pomeranian.
  9. There were 13 couples on the ship celebrating their Honeymoons.
  10. Captain Smith was planning to retire after Titanic’s maiden voyage.