Titanic Dream Wedding

Every girl dreams of a wedding where they are the princess in a white dress, in love with prince charming. They see themselves walking down the aisle. Everyone standing up to congratulate her for the biggest step of her life. For all the grooms this is the greatest gift you can give to your bride.

We all want a perfect wedding one that we will never forget about. For instance, the titanic themed wedding. Yes, it is inspired by the best movie of all time, ‘The Titanic’. If you want your wedding to have the elegant look that the movie portray, well, you got the chance. Here are some tips on making a titanic themed wedding.

wedding titanicThe venue. You can actually go for the Titanic Museum as a venue, or create the settings from scratch. The Titanic Museum gives the 100th century feeling as well as it more or less looks alike with the Titanic ship in the movie. In case you can’t be able to get the venue, you can create the same background from titanic anywhere. First look for a place that has waterbody, a lake or an ocean, book a ship, it does not to be brand new, in fact the older the better and then begin to clean up as you organize the space.

The setup, this includes the arrangement of the seating areas, the lighting including the chandeliers, the color theme too. There can be a grand staircase dessert table where the bride and the bridegroom sits. It is good to use black, white and red color they bring out the elegance look. If you are not one of those who loves bold colors go for natural colors for instance the color mint. Let all you décor match or complement the titanic color palette. Consider not too much floral. You can try the contrast of a dark room and light decoration such as candles and chandeliers.

Your dress code, remember to be more of vintage than modern, your dress should bring out the 100th century. Not only that but let it also complement your body, you can add jewelry and accessories to your look. I have seen a wedding that one goes the extra mile and wears a heart pendant like Rose’s in the Titanic movie. The groom and his best man should wear black tuxedos or close to it.

The photography skills actually adds up to the titanic themed wedding. Photos can easily give the vintage effect. Remember that day will end but the memories will remain through this photos. It is very crucial to get a skilled photographer that will take good photos. One that will amaze you every single time you look at the photos. Let him be able to bring the background well and the emotions of each face. He should know the crucial times to take pictures. And to add an advantage you can actually compile all your photos in a vintage album. It will be splendid!

The many titanic themed weddings that are successful, are the ones that will be marked in many people’s heart. It is a theme worth risking for.